фото от Любы 041 - копияLive fashion show is an perfect opportunity to practice drawingTatiana Grudinina was born in Moscow, Russia.  Tatiana is the UNESCO Artists Union member since 1987. She illustrated dozens of books for children and created series of postcards with engaging child-oriented characters. Several publishers in Russia printed her work. Since 2008 Tatiana paints in oil. Her paintings are held in private collections in USA , Germany and Russia.

What is creativity for me?
It is the air I want to breathe. It is the language of my paintings, in which I have a conversation about the existing world with those who want to hear. Each time I want to say something, I express myself by means of my painting language. Texture, colour, composition – are the grammar I use to create still-life, abstracts, scenes or landscape. I draw the topics for my paintings from real and imaginary spaces. Reality lurks in the imagination and fantasy and imagination help to see reality. This method was probably shaped by my practice as an illustrator of books for children, which demanded deeper perception and studies of folk art. I open and explore the existing reality by using my imagination, trying to gain insight into the essence of things to reveal their algorithm and fractal nature.

What is the purpose of my work?
As with any other activity – it is a constant self-improvement. A search of the new and unexplored. Life and work in harmony with nature and the laws of the universe. Each painting is a solution that may appear spontaneously, but sometimes tediously and painfully. A little rest is all I need before going back to work again…

Expositions :

1988-Exposition of UNESCO Artist Union in Manej ( Moscow)

2009- Exposition “Ohotny Rayd” ,Moscow, (Red Square)

2009- Annual Exposition “Spring Salon-2009” Creative Union of Women Artist “Irida” (Moscow)

2009- Juried Exposition “Art week” ( Moscow)

2010- Exposition of Moscow Union of Artist ” To Moscow devoted”(Moscow)

2010-Annual Exposition “Spring Salon-2009” Creative Union of Women Artist “Irida” (Moscow)

2011- Exposition of Moscow Union of Artist “Moscow ” devoted to the day of Town

2011 -Annual Exposition of Moscow Union of Artist “Happy New Year!” ( Moscow)

2012- Group exposition “Plain Air Painting” MUA.( Moscow)

2012- Annual Exposition of Moscow Union of Artist “Happy New Year!” ( Moscow)

2013- “Moscow and Moscovites” Exhibition of Moscow Union of Artist

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