Portraits of Pets Hand Drawn in Pastel

Pastel drawing of Pets is finished within 5 days of ordering. This is approximate time for pets depending their complications. prices are based onn single pet depending on the size of the portrait. I also draw children with or without pets in pastel.  Please contact for details.

Pastel Portraits Prices (for Pets)

8×10″=$60  10×13″=75  11×14″=$100

Pudel “Loretta” pastel/paper 11×14″ Sold


“Sacha”. German shepherd of silver color

“Blanka” pastel/paper 11×16″ Sold


Fairly Kiska” pastel/paper 10×12″ Sold

“Sushy” Pastel/paper, 11×11′ Sold

“Snowbal” pastel/paper 10×10″


“Dusty” pastel/paper 8×10″

Portraits Hand Drawn in Pastel

I will be happy to make your portrait working from a photo you provide. The drawing will be ready within 2 weeks. I will send you a photo of the portrait for your approval. The final portrait will ship after payment is received. Please email your request and I will get back to you soon.


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It’s very important to have a good photo for me to work from. It’s important to take several things into account when chosing a photo. The image must show your character, and not necessarily through a smile. Also, the photo where you are looking directly into a camera is not always the best option. Expressive eyes, particular body position, dress are very important in making a portrait. The photo must be in focus an not too small, actually larger photo is better. The background doesn’t matter much. You can send me several photos of your choice. We will discuss them together and chose the best one for the portrait. Please contact me if you have any questions, I will be happy to answer.

Sizes and Prices

I generally use two standard sizes for pastel portrait , which are determined by the paper I use – Canson paper. The larger size 30″x22″ (76,2 x 55,9 cm) is used for figure with hands. The smaller size 19,5″x25,5″ (50×65 cm) is more suitable for head and shoulders figure.
I can also make your portrait in oil on canvas of arbitrary size.


1 Subject

2 Subjects

3 Subjects 4 Subjects
20” x 16” $250
25,5” x 19,5” $300 $ 400

30” x 22”

$ 350
$ 400
$ 450
$ 500

36” x 24”

$ 400
$ 450
$ 500
$ 550


I never ask for money in advance. My collaboration with clients is based on mutual trust. I will send you a digital photo of the portrait and if you are satisfied you can proceed with the payment. You also have a chance to propose any changes to the portrait. Typically, the work on the portrait takes 10 days, but sometimes due to unforeseen circumstances this may take longer. In this case, I’ll let you know by e-mail about the delay. In case if you need a portrait urgently, you should let me know, so that I could fulfill your order in the shortest time. Payment can be made by personal check or PayPal. After payment is received I will send your portrait via USPS and e-mail the notification.


The pastel crayon portrait is preserved by applying a professional fixating layer that preserves the paint for many years. The portrait is then rolled and ships in a rigid tube. Typical delivery by USPS is 10 days, depending on distance. I don’t charge sales tax or shipping fee.